The 'Day Out' mimics (with tutorial)

The Day Out Mimics can be used with either Flowol 2, Flowol 3 or Flowol 4.

Pirate Ship Fair
Hand Wash Pier

The Pirate Ship has an input switch and two motor outputs to provide either small or large swings [KS2].  For KS3 an extra 'safety' switch is on the gate in the railings.

The Fair is a '3 in 1' mimic. The roundabout has a input switch and one way movement of the ride  [KS2].  In KS3 a safety interrupt could be made.  The clown's face has four groups of lights [KS2/3].  The big wheel has a start switch and forward/reverse movement from the motor [KS2].  KS3 could use another switch to count the rotations, and further switches on the footplates to ensure safety.

The Hand Washer has three input switches on the machine and the soap, wash and dry functions [KS2].  For KS3 the hands can also be detected [another input switch] so a system can be produced that reduces waste and is energy efficient.

The Pier provides an input switch and a whole array of lights: the floodlights on the buildings, different groups of fairy lights along the pier and the illuminations on the promenade [KS2].  KS3 could draw a 'clock' flowchart to control the lights with a 'timing' switch, and/or use the daylight brightness levels from an analogue input.

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