Thank you for Downloading Fischertechnik Robo Interface Pack

If the interface pack doesn't start downloading automatically in a few seconds, please click here InterfaceFtRobo.msi

General Installation Notes

  • To use Flowol 3 with the Fischertechnik Robo interface, first install Flowol 3 from your CD ROM, then install the InterfaceFtRobo.msi that has just been downloaded.
  • To install the interface pack on a network, use the same process as you used for Flowol3.msi.  See the Flowol 3 tutorial for more information on network installations.

Notes on using Flowol 3 with the Fischertechnik Robo

  • The Robo interface can be connected to the computer via a serial (COM) connection or via USB.
  • To connect via the serial (COM) connection, installing this Interface Pack is all you need to do to be operational.
  • To connect via USB, the USB device driver also needs to be installed. If you have already used your Robo interface via USB with other control software, then the device driver is likely already installed. Otherwise, download the following file from the Fischertechnik website and extract it to a folder on your hard disc, e.g. C:\FtLib_V1_70a. Then when you first connect the Robo via USB, Windows will attempt to find and install the device driver. It will unlikely be able to find it, so you will need to choose to specify the location to search. Provide the path to C:\FtLib_V1_70a\Driver (assuming you extracted to C:\FtLib_V1_70a)
  • The Robo interface can only be used in online mode with Flowol 3.
  • The Robo supports up to three extension modules. The number of connected extension modules can be set in the Interface dialog box
  • The A1 and A2 analogue inputs map to Val 1 and Val 2 respectively. The analogue inputs AX and AY map to Val 3 and Val 4 respectively

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