Flowol 3

Flowol 3 is no longer available for the PC or Mac and has been replaced by Flowol 4

Flowol 3 is computer control and robotics software which allows students of all ages to explore the world of automatic systems through:

Flowol 3
  • the virtual world of Mimics (controllable on-screen pictures),
  • the real world of models operated by connected Interface Hardware.

Flowol 3 uses the visual programming language of flowcharts:

  • Select and position the symbols,
  • Build the instructions with the prompt boxes,
  • Link the symbols with lines and
  • Run the program.

Note: In Flowol 3 several flowcharts can be built and run simultaneously allowing different features of the automatic system to be controlled at the same time.

Flowol 3 is the perfect introduction to programming in a Computer Science course.

The Flowol 3 package includes a comprehensive range of controllable mimics. These progressively introduce the user to different programming skills while investigating real and relevant controllable situations.

Flowol 3 includes not only the Zebra Crossing, Bridge Lights and Lighthouse mimics (which were included with Flowol 2) but also new F3D mimics of a Fairground Big Wheel and a Cot Mobile.

Zebra Crossing (included with Flowol 3) Lighthouse (included with Flowol 3) Bridge Lights (included with Flowol 3) Mobile (included with Flowol 3) Big Wheel (included with Flowol 3)

In the 3D mimics, the effect of motors can be simulated realistically with forward and reverse movement at different speed. Some of these mimics also have Virtual Inputs which are triggered by the mimic itself, for example on the Ferris Wheel a virtual sensor is triggered when a car reaches the steps and a virtual switch is closed when the gate is shut.

Controlling models with Flowol 3 with a hardware interface.

Flowol3 is not only a powerful simulation program but is also a controller of real models. Models connected to an appropriate interface and linked to the computer via the USB or Serial port can be controlled by the same flowchart program devised for the simulation exercise. Various control interfaces are available for this purpose and some PIC microcontrollers can have the program downloaded so they can operate remotely from the computer. A complete list of supported hardware can be found here.

Flowol 3 is no longer available and has been replaced by Flowol 4