The VEX IQ is available from Robot Mesh (

VEX IQ is a new powerful robotics system for all ages of students.

The brain at the heart of the VEX IQ system is a very powerful ARM based microcontroller. The brain has 12 ports to which either sensors or motors can be connected.


Flowol 4 connects to the VEX IQ Brain via the USB cable. Programming and debugging with Flowol is first done in a connected mode where the flowchart is run on the computer, the sensors and motors operated in real-time on the device and the flowchart progress monitored on the computer screen. This makes it easy to see sensor values, pause and debug the flowchart logic and refine the program. The flowchart can then be downloaded to the VEX IQ brain and your program can be run autonomously.

Flowol 4 supports the VEX IQ on both Windows PC and Apple Mac computers.