Flowol 4 Interface Hardware

Keep I.T. Easy strives to include support for the most hardware interfaces possible. We want to give you the choice of the newest hardware as well as support for the legacy interfaces you may still have in a cupboard.

Featured Hardware Kits

VEX Robotics VEX IQ

Below we split the interfaces into two categories: Control Box and Microcontrollers.

Control Boxes

Control boxes are rugged pieces of hardware into which you can connect digital inputs (switches etc.), analogue inputs (temperature, light sensors etc.), digital outputs (LEDs, bulbs etc.) and motor outputs. Depending on the manufacturer and type they will have different numbers of inputs and outputs. Control boxes connect to the computer via either the serial (COM) or/and USB ports, and are built to protect the computer and interface from damage that may occur if the students incorrectly connect their devices.

Click Control Boxes to find out more about control boxes.


Microcontrollers are low-cost PIC microchips which, when combined with the associated circutry, can control the same devices that control boxes can. Microcontrollers are great where electronics forms part of the course.

With the supported microcontrollers, Flowol will compile and download the flowchart to the chip. The microcontroller can then be run remotely from the computer.

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