Kre8 Red Robot Kit with Brainy Microcontroller

Kre8 Red Robot

An inexpensive, but versatile wheeled robot. It is driven by two geared-down motors. Two LED lights and a buzzer are additional outputs. On the front, two micro-switches are whiskers which the flowchart can use to avoid obstacles.

Connect to the computer with the included USB cable to program with Flowol 4. The flowchart can be run while connected in order to debug the logic, then download the program for completely autonomous operation.

The kit includes the Kre8 Red robot as a kit with assembly instructions and the Brainy Microcontroller board pre-assembled and tested. The kit also includes the USB cable for connection to the computer.

Some soldering, or twisting wires is required for attaching the motors, LEDs and micro-switches to the microcontroller board.

4x AA Batteries Not Included

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RR01Kre8 Red Robot Kit with Brainy Microcontroller
(Requires Flowol software)

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