Flowol Mimic Creator

The 'Mimic Creator' gives the pupil/student the opportunity to produce mimics which are more specific to their particular project or interest.

Mimic Creator A mimic is created by overlaying bitmaps, one for the background and other smaller ones to be displayed or removed when the inputs and outputs turn on or off.

The bitmaps can be from digital camera images, scanned pictures/photographs or drawn directly with a paint package. 

The 'Creator' will position, label and define the function of these bitmaps so that Flowol can control them appropriately.

Door Light Example Lift Example Two sets of bitmaps are included with the 'Creator'.  As the user works through the tutorial they will produce mimics of an 'Automatic Door Light' and 'Lift System' which they can then add to their mimic folder.

The Mimic Creator software is for Windows PC only, but once the mimic is created, it can be converted into one for the Apple Mac.

Order CodeDescriptionPrice
65Mimic Creator Single-User£40.00 plus VAT
65SLPMimic Creator with Primary Site Licence£60.00 plus VAT
65SLSMimic Creator with Secondary Site Licence£80.00 plus VAT

The Mimic Creator can be purchased from Robot Mesh:

Send orders to sales@flowol.com or fax to 024 7657 8942.
Robot Mesh, P.O. Box 29, Nuneaton, Warwickshire CV11 4TT

Or from one of our Suppliers.