Flowol Mimics

Mimics included in the Flowol 4 package

The Mimics included in the Flowol 4 package are progressive and introduce programming concepts in manageable steps. All mimics include a series of graduated activities which encourage the student to explore the task further at their own pace. Results provide differentiation and allow the teacher to assess the student's achievements individually.

1. The first few mimics introduce the idea of simply controlling one, two and then six lights (outputs), in an appropriate way to make our roads safer.

Zebra Crossing (included with Flowol 4) Crossing Patrol (included with Flowol 4) Bridge Lights (included with Flowol 4)

2. Digital inputs are then added to operate several events within the same control situation. Subroutines are also employed to ensure compact and efficient programming.

Lighthouse (included with Flowol 4) Pelican Crossing (included with Flowol 4) Robot (included with Flowol 4)

3. Controlling motors (forward and reverse) are then applied to mechanisms. Responding to analog inputs (temperature & light sensors) also helps to control the multifunctional features of an Automatic home or Greenhouse.

Level Crossing (included with Flowol 4) Auto-home (included with Flowol 4) Greenhouse (included with Flowol 4)

4. Using Variables then becomes a useful tool to count and control. Different motor speeds can also be investigated and responding to the virtual inputs, triggered by the mimic itself, brings extra realism to the simulation.

Mobile (included with Flowol 4) Big Wheel (included with Flowol 4) Train Set 1 (included with Flowol 4)

The Flowol 4 package also includes the following three mimics:

Santa (included with Flowol 4) School Bus (included with Flowol 4) Train Set 2 (included with Flowol 4)

See the Flowol 4 Tutorial for the student activities.

Primary 3D Mimic Pack 1

Primary 3D Mimic Pack 1

Secondary 3D Mimic Pack 1

Secondary 3D Mimic Pack 1

Additional Flowol Mimic Packs

The 2D mimic packs are suitable for either Flowol 2, Flowol 3 or Flowol 4.
Primary Mimic packs suitable for Key Stage 2
Secondary Mimic packs suitable for Key Stages 3 and 4