'More Primary Mimics 1' (with tutorial)

The More Primary Mimics 1 can be used with either Flowol 2, Flowol 3 or Flowol 4.

Fire Engine Police Car
Traffic Warden Water Chute
House Alarm Kitchen

The Traffic Warden, Police Car and Fire Engine provide extension material during the early stages of using Flowol.

The Water Chute has lights at the top of the slide to indicate when it is clear to go and an alarm to sound if someone starts before it is clear.

The House Alarm has an opening window and pressure mat used to trigger the light and buzzer of the alarm.  A floodlight and inside lights could also be turned on when it is dark.

The Kitchen allows you to control the toaster, kettle, smoke alarm, extractor fan, play mat and freezer temperature warning device.

These mimics can be purchased from Robot Mesh:

Send orders to sales@flowol.com or fax to +44 24 7657 8942.
Robot Mesh, P.O. Box 29, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV11 4TT, United Kingdom

Or from one of our Suppliers.

Order CodeDescriptionPrice
61M6 (Windows PC) OR
62M6 (Apple Mac)
More Primary Mimics 1 with site-licence£30.00 plus VAT