'More Secondary Mimics 2' (with tutorial)

The More Secondary Mimics 2 can be used with either Flowol 2, Flowol 3 or Flowol 4.

Hydraulic Arm Mimic Carwash Mimic
Drinks Mimic Aston Martin Mimic
Combination Lock Mimic

The Hydraulic Arm has a moving platform, extending feet and hazard warning lights. The example highlights the fact that the arm should not be raised until the safety features of the feet and lights have been deployed.

The different processes in a Carwash can be selected and operated separately so that various combinations of wash programmes can be chosen.

Drinks machines also need a system which can provide different combinations of beverages, sugar, milk etc but also ensures that drinks are not mixed and cups not overfilled. [Sound effects (PC) can be added to the drinks machine with Flowol 2.81 or above].

Aston Martins and most other cars now provide safety and security for the vehicle and the occupants. The seatbelts, doors, headlights and engine can be monitored.  Hazard warning lights and a display can bring attention to a potential problem. [Alarms and warning sounds (PC only) can be added with Flowol 2.81 or above].

The Combination Lock provides six push buttons and warning lights which can be applied to a system to control the door to a secure office.

These mimics can be purchased from Robot Mesh:

Send orders to sales@flowol.com or fax to +44 24 7657 8942.
Robot Mesh, P.O. Box 29, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV11 4TT, United Kingdom

Or from one of our Suppliers.

Order CodeDescriptionPrice
61M8 (Windows PC) OR
62M8 (Apple Mac)
More Secondary Mimics 2 with site-licence£45.00 plus VAT