'The Secondary Mimic Disc' (with activities)

The Pelican Crossing, Level Crossing, Auto Home and Greenhouse mimics that were in The Secondary Mimic Disc are now included within the Flowol 4 Software. A new 3D Car Park mimic is available as part of the Secondary 3D Mimic Pack 1.

If you have Flowol 2 or Flowol 3, then consider upgrading to Flowol 4.

Pelican Crossing Level Crossing
Auto Home Greenhouse
Car Park

The Pelican crossing uses an input (button on the post) and introduces sub-routines, repeated a specified number of times e.g. (Flashing walk symbol).

The Level Crossing uses a motor in forward and reverse directions and you can monitor & log (as a block graph) the number of trains passing. An input switch on the gate post will show when the gate is closed.  The feedback from this switch can then be used to stop the barrier motor and control the signals for the train.

On the Auto-home and Greenhouse, changes in the analogue values for light and temperature can be simulated and monitored by clicking on the numbers near the sun and thermometer. This allows for the control of the blinds, light, fire, fan and windows to occur at different values.

The Car park barriers can include variables to count the cars (in and out) to control the 'Full' sign and only allow cars to enter if there is an available space.